47 shades of grey (alexia47) wrote in not_fo_banners,
47 shades of grey

Tea banner

Hello ^_^

Two Not Friends Only Banners :D

One that certain people are making me out behind a cut, because it has a woman in underwear on it... ;D

Tags: bdsm, tea
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::snickers:: You are a star!

Those are both fab. This comm is such a clever idea!
Thanks ;D

You should totally join! You make cool graphics as well :D And maybe pimp up the comm to your F-List *hinthint* ;D
Oh wow.. you read my subconcious mind perfectly!
*ahem* for the tea one..
I'm totally using it :)
Heh, I can read minds. It's true ;D
Heh, which one ;D
Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I am using the tea banner for my journal (properly credited of course). Thanks! They are both awesome!
Hi! I snagged the tea banner. Thank you!